Passengers through time and space (with the help of a highwire)

One of the things we’ve missed most this past year has been going out and seeing people do extraordinary things, things that we couldn’t imagine doing ourselves. Whether that’s playing an instrument, performing some act of athletic wonder or somesuch. If what you’ve most missed has been virtuoso acrobatics – vaulting somersaults, breath-taking trapeze and daredevil balances on the highwire, well, are you in luck.

Passagers is “an intoxicating mix of dance, physical theatre, acrobatics, circus skills and original music” performed by Canadian troupe The 7 Fingers that sounds just extraordinary.

Trapeze is a fantastic motif for our times – taking a leap off into the air, a leap from holding on to something into space and on to something new. “Passagers was originally designed as an ode to travel – departure versus arrival, chance versus choice, familiar versus foreign, confinement versus border-crossing” says 7 Fingers co-founder Shana Carroll. “Those themes have taken on a new meaning for all of us recently, with the very idea of departing or arriving feeling like a distant dream.” Themes that, in our strange new world, have taken on very new and very real meanings.

It’s on at The Dome on 30 September and 1 October.

Tickets range from £10 (restricted view) to £23.50. Family tickets and concessions available.

Ticket bookings:


T: 01273 709709 Mon-Fri, 10am-2pm


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