Jazz at The Bronze

There are few things we here at Whistler Towers like more than a bit of jazz in the evening. And maybe some really really good food. And maybe some splendid drinks. So imagine our delight when we tripped all the way over there in Kemp Town (or Kemptown – you choose) to The Bronze, where on the first Thursday of every month, they feature live jazz. The nght we went down we saw the very fine One Hat Trio (pictured) – Eddie Myer, Lol Thomas and Luke Rattenbury – who “play classic guitar trio hard bop with echoes of Wes Montgomery, Kenny Burrell and Pat Martino, with added Afro-Cuban rhythm”. (nicked that from their Facebook page – you might have guessed). And I guess that’s probably true. They’re very good and very cool. They’ve got a residency at The Brunswick, too. 

Your Gull About Town has written about the food at The Bronze before and I’m not surprised. The “slow and low smokehouse” serves up locally sourced smoked food at its finest. Chef David has the best smile and greeting and… Oh, come on. Good food, fine drink and kicking jazz. What’s not to like?  

81-82 St James’s St, Kemptown BN2 1PA

01273 679 220

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