Brighton Fringe: Sex-Ed Revisited

Heard of the pay gap? Well, this show is about the pleasure gap!’

From the Nexflix series ‘Principles of Pleasure’, to Family Sex-Education Show being cancelled the conversation of what we should or shouldn’t be thought in Sex-Education has never been more talked about. Why isn’t pleasure in the curriculum..?  Well, this conversation is coming to Brighton in the form of her new interactive comedy Sex-Ed Revisited this May! 

‘Sex-Ed Revisited’ is an empowering one-woman show written and performed by Holly Delefortrie. This show blends improvisational storytelling and comedy gig theatre to explore the missing gaps in female-focused sex education and our relationships with pleasure.

This uplifting female-driven show focuses on the experiences of all those 80s–00s kids who still have unanswered questions about sex and their bodies! Gone are the days of attempting to put condoms on cucumbers whilst wearing kaleidoscopic beer goggles. ‘Sex-Ed Revisited’ combines the use of clowning, confessional storytelling, and live interactive games to tell stories about relatable taboos about sex and what we wish we had learnt during Sex-Ed. 

The Electric Arcade, Beneath Brighton Zip, Lower Promenade, Madeira Drive, Brighton, BN2 1TB

Dates and Times: Friday 20th May, Saturday 21st May, Sunday 22nd May, 9.30 pm

Ticket prices: £10 (standard), £9 (NHS Discount), £8.50 (Under 26’s), £8 (Student Discount)

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