Brighton Fringe Review: Foo Foo Fighters – Almost Famous

“So last night I went to a late night burlesque featuring a dancing nipple-tassled woman in a shark outfit”. Isn’t that exactly the sort of sentence you want?

I love the late night burlesque show at The Rialto. If there’s anything that the spirit of the Fringe, this is it. Held together by host Jack Kristiansen and featuring performers with resplendent names like Dollie Doré, Rosa Frenzy and King Crimson, it’s light and frothy, funny and knowing, entertaining to the end.

They all love what they’re doing and they’re blimmin good at it – whether it’s tap dancing (and that really was very good), invoking the spirit of Charlie Chaplin, reviving the romance of Paris or – my favourite – wrestling with a very dangerous looking shark.

Of course you know where the acts are going to end, but that’s OK. Who doesn’t like a late night tussle with a tassle?

One thought on “Brighton Fringe Review: Foo Foo Fighters – Almost Famous”

  1. Brilliant show! Absolutely loved working with Foo Foo fighters, behind the scenes. Such a talented and full of energy team!

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