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Free Zarganar

The Whistler looks at the case of Burmese comic Zarganar which demonstrates the dangers faced by performers across the world The King’s Theatre, Glasgow has a reputation daunting to comedians but while performers might get the bird there, they don’t have to do bird. In a nation ruled […]

Books to Enjoy

I was discussing with a friend a recent article in The Guardian celebrating Alan Bennett’s 75th birthday, and she asked me if I had read The Uncommon Reader by Alan Bennett, [Faber & Faber RRP £10.99]. I hadn’t and so I bought it and loved it. It tells […]

Gentleman Callers

Beryl Webster and Liz Siddall discuss their gentlemen callers in The Pensioner, the Journal of the Brighton & Hove Pensioners’ Forum Did you know that we old folk are worth a fortune? We have silver in our hair, gold in our teeth, stones in kidneys, lead in our […]

Join the Food Revolution

With reports of food frozen in the ground as The Whistler went to press in the middle of January, there’s never been a better time for self-sufficiency. Everyone’s talking about growing your own veg these days: Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall on TV, countless articles in newspapers and magazines and the […]