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Food & Drink: Tonkotsu

What a lot of noodles there are in those beautiful Tonkotsu ramen bowls, the iconic soup from Japan which has had London slurping since it first opened behind the Tate Modern in 2007. By Gilly Smith This pit stop is the latest of Brighton’s mid-market feasting stations, scooching […]

Food & Drink: Latina

It’s a mid-May Monday and we’re watching the world go by, an espresso in one hand and couple of pastels de nata on our rickety pavement table.   Latina is a little bit of Lisbon on the Dials, and has been serving up much more than coffee and […]

Hooray for Diallywood

Local social media channels fizzed last month upon learning pop poppet turned actual actor Harry Styles and his TARDIS had landed in Powis Square. Filming for Amazon’s “My Policeman” (the novel about a gay bobby in 50s Brighton) was afoot. Locals of all ages and genders grabbed their […]