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BE of West Hill

A Christmas tree is not just for Christmas After the festivities, lots of real Christmas trees are dumped onto pavements and removed by the Council at residents’ cost, when it already provides a tree recycling station at Montpelier Crescent – a short walk for anyone living in West […]

Jims Gowans’ West Hill Watch, Feb 20

Overflowing Bins Residents do not need reminding of Brighton’s problems with on-street waste collection, especially after the Christmas period. Although Cityclean, the Council’s in-house waste and recycling collection service, must bear most of the responsibility, some residents might well reflect on their own irresponsible behaviour in dumping rubbish […]

Strange Days Indeed

Justin Simpson’s Letter from Australia  IT  HAS BEEN a little hazy, rather smoky around Sydney of late – at times significantly more polluted than even Delhi or Beijing so, as the natives say, only the ‘firies’ can save us! The various rescue and firefighting services that do fabulous […]