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  • The Cycles of Life

    If we look with the ‘right’ eyes, we see cycles in all aspects of life. There are the more obvious daily and annual cycles and the cycle of the seasons, but also there are the cycles of the biorhythms within our bodies. Observing these can give us real insights into the overall cycle of life. […]

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  • Trying to Look on the Bright Side

    “Here we are again, happy as can be. . . ”, as my dear old Dad used to sing, when we were setting off on our summer holidays. Well, you could be excused for thinking that happy days are here again, if you read the right papers, or listen to the right radio stations: the […]

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  • Sublime Sherry

    Philip Reddaway, The Whistler’s wine columnist… How do you picture the typical sherry drinker? Is it your mum-in-law sipping a small glass of Harvey’s Bristol Cream at Christmas – a bottle bought five years ago that hangs around at the back of the cupboard, oxidising nicely, awaiting its annual outing? It’s true that no ‘fine […]

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