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  • Dymphna Flynn’s Book Review

    Dymphna Flynn’s Book Review

    My Policeman by Bethan Roberts Diallers might remember the disruption last May when Harry Styles (gratuitous pic, below)  came to town and lorries and crews took over the area for filming of the adaptation of My Policeman by Bethan Roberts, which was first published in 2012 and was a Brighton City Reads book choice.   In […]

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  • David Andrews: Bury my heart in Seven Dials

    David Andrews: Bury my heart in Seven Dials

    1976. Ground Zero. My first year at university, and my first encounter with Brighton’s Seven Dials. Reader, it was a dump. Not even a glamorous dump. I’d come from an edgy part of north London, but areas in Brighton in the mid 70’s were pretty tasty, as they used to say in The Sweeney. The […]

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  • Jed Novick: Is life in the fast lane over?

    Jed Novick: Is life in the fast lane over?

    “Get your motor runnin’, Head out on the highway, Looking for adventure in whatever comes our way…” The open road, the wind in your hair… Is life in the fast lane over for Jed Novick?  “We could make turn it into something interesting” said My Fine Wife. “You know, an objet”. Pause. “Maybe a plant […]

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  • Andrew Polmear – Desert Island Wines

    Andrew Polmear – Desert Island Wines

    The secret of the programme’s success, of course, is that castaways choose not the eight best records but the eight records that mean most to them. And they tell the stories that go with them. And so it is with wines. My choice of wines that have meant most to me in life is dictated […]

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