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Money matters

Sour Adversity

“Let me embrace thee, sour adversity, for wise men say it is the wisest course.” Given my not infrequent comments over the last 20 years regarding markets’ attitude to uncertainty, and the possible scenarios that may occur under varying economic situations, you may not be surprised to see […]

Later Life Lending

IN A COUPLE of consecutive editions, a little over a year ago, I addressed the subjects of a) Interest Only Mortgages and b) Lifetime Mortgages. In an effort to avoid the increasingly depressing Brexit saga, and the increasingly desperate pledges from the two remaining candidates vying to become […]

Critical Illness Cover

I WAS CONSIDERING making further comments on the ‘B’ word, but I just can’t bear it any more. So, to cheer myself (and our lovely readers) up, I decided to write about Critical Illness Cover (CIC). Having lost two of my favourite clients to cancer in the last 6 […]

Read this Right Now!

My elder brother is an intelligent man: learned, and a specialist in his field. His research is widely published, and considered a high quality source of information. He recently sent me a message, enclosing a link to the following text, which began: “If you want to protect your […]