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Seize the Day

It is funny how, sometimes, unexpected events can suddenly change one’s course of action. I wasn’t going to write this piece: I was going to write on a completely different subject, but a chance meeting changed my mind. I was walking past an old haunt, and decided to […]

Lost for Words

Dear Reader, I have a confession to make. I don’t know what to say. Rare, indeed, for me, as sometimes I find it difficult to stop! I am starting to feel that the world is approaching ‘Trump Overload’ and because of that, I shall say no more on […]

Rest in Peace

Forgive me, if I indulge myself for a few moments. Last month my dear old Mum passed away. She lived to see her 100th birthday and other than working in my Grandfather’s Post Office, and being an auxiliary nurse during the 2nd World War, she devoted her working […]