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There was a Boy

I cannot say what portion is in truth The naked recollection of that time, And what may rather have been called to life By after-meditation. MY TITLE AND this quotation are from William Wordsworth’s great poem, ‘The Prelude’. His life was somewhere in my thoughts when I began […]

Why Come Clowning?

TO CONNECT TO others and yourself; to open yourself to share vulnerability and explore the human condition; to see the possibilities of what lies on the other side of fear through being. Drop your seriousness, give your Inner Critic time off, open yourself to wonder and reconnect with […]

If Music Be . . .

DURING THE PAST year I have spent many hours exploring a great variety of music. This time has been spent with a friend who has a great library of CDs and very wide musical tastes. My knowledge and understanding has certainly improved. But anyone today could take the […]