Coffee, take-away, curry… in each issue, we ask the good people of West Hill and Seven Dials for their shout outs for the finest finds in town. Have your say on the Facebook West Hill Whistler page. This week… We’re looking at the best salads! (Oh, I know… Don’t worry – next time we’ll do vodka or somesuch)

A lettuce

And so as the sun begins to shine, this month we’re looking for the best SALADS in West Hill, Seven Dials or a walk or a bike away. Now, the editor of The Whistler may think that salads are dull (and he does), the garnish, not the main story, but once you’ve watched a saladista in action anywhere from Toronto to Turin, Lebanon to LA, you know that it’s so not a bit on the side. And the neighbourhood nods in agreement. So here’s the best Buddha bowls and mezze in town, the Vietnamese, octopus and beetroot salads, all tried and tested by our very own locavores.

Kate Langdale votes  for Tutti Fruti at the Dials; ‘they do amazing salads and they’re open again!’ she says.  Paula Beesty agrees. ‘Can I give a shout out to Tutti Fruti who inspired me to love beetroot in a goats cheese salad? It’s yummy. The lady that makes them is a genius salad maker, I even like her broccoli salad; she must have a secret ingredient because I usually dislike broccoli!’   Jo Shakey takes hers on the bus to the Dyke. ‘The selection is amazing and full of flavour.’

Tom Ormeroddly was so compelling about the octopus salad from Latina that the editor commissioned a profile piece about this Portugeuse treasure of the Dials (below). ‘JJ Waller agrees.  The salads at the Portuguese are tasty, plentiful and reasonably priced.’ Kate Langdale and Maxine Lambert are with them. ‘Latina at the Dials does a delicious mixed salad box and amazing squid salad with choice of tortilla’ said Kate. ‘All home-made and prices are really reasonable too!’ 

But life doesn’t stop at the Station for Westie Diallers, and heading into the North Laine is where you’ll find Rebekah Kortokraks’ favourite. ‘Helm Ston on Pelham St does amazing salads’ she told us.’ It’s Brighton’s best secret cafe. The food is made by the chef who originally created Bills’ menu He does delicious healthy cakes too. He created the Lewes Bills’ menu, and those amazing cakes they had. His cafe is less stodgy and carby than Bills’ food though.

Louise Gasparelli was so persuasive about the salads at Gardener Café (other dishes are available) that the ever-hungry Gull About Town was even alerted. ‘It offers a fabulous range of Buddha bowls’ said Lou, ‘and it’s pay as you feel and saving food from being thrown way, so a win win with so much great feedback. You have to try it!’

Joe Murray led the food march down to London Road and into the Open Market for some of the best international selections you can find. ‘Sunbirds’ veggie mezze is one of the finest and best value meals in town’, he said.  Kirsty Hewitt says ‘Kouzina in the Open Market does brilliant salads and mezze.’ Deb Bee voted Smorls in the Open Market the ‘Best Salad Plate in Town’.

Even the centre of town got a nod with Foodilic a local favourite. And on the beach, Zest, the Vietnamese at the recently opened Shelter Hall, has loads of salad options according to Kristy Hall. ‘It looks great!’