Hooray for Diallywood

Local social media channels fizzed last month upon learning pop poppet turned actual actor Harry Styles and his TARDIS had landed in Powis Square. Filming for Amazon’s “My Policeman” (the novel about a gay bobby in 50s Brighton) was afoot. Locals of all ages and genders grabbed their […]

A Fable-lous creation

“Music has always been theband aid that sorts everythingout” Fable tells Harrison Kirby You know that feeling? You hear something on the radio and it just stops you. In the old days you’d sit quietly and hope the DJ says “And that was “Womb” by Brighton’s Fable”. Now, […]

Every fancied being a writer?

You ever fancied chancing your arm at being a writer? Well, as chance would have it… The West Hill Writers Group meet every Friday afternoon to focus their energies under the guidance of Anna Burtt. “I joined the West Hill Writers Group this January, via Zoom sessions”, said […]