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Victor Hatfield 1942 – 2018

Peter Batten writes about loneliness . . .

I visited Victor once a week for almost 9 years. When I let myself into his flat I would usually find him watching TV or playing cards on his computer. “How are you?” I would ask. Raising his arms wearily he would say, “I’m lonely and I’m bored”. Oh, and I forgot to mention that my enquiry had to be written on a pad or printed out in big letters on his computer screen. Victor had been totally deaf for several years. He was housebound by severe arthritis in his upper legs, had painful problems with his sight, and had treatment for a small cancer tumour on his head about five years ago. And, I almost forgot, a single heart by-pass operation in the 1990s. Continue reading Victor Hatfield 1942 – 2018

Who will…if you haven’t made one

Will Writing Awareness WeekAge Concern Brighton Hove & Portslade is holding their annual Will Writing Awareness Week in partnership with lawyers across the City, beginning on Monday 17 October. Lawyers will be offering appointments for free simple will writing at their own premises and they will be available to answer questions at Age Concern Information & Advice Outreach venues. There will be Q and A sessions at Age Concern Brighton Hove & Portslade offices at the Seven Dials.

The Week aims to highlight that Age Concern Brighton Hove & Portslade is helping older people obtain proper legal help to make a will, widely available in the City; and the importance of those as young as 50 having an up-to-date Will, even if they do not think of themselves as wealthy. Age Concern, as an independent charity, relies on donations and legacies. If someone wants to leave a bequest to help locals, they need to state that their bequest should go to Age Concern Brighton Hove & Portslade.

If you do not have a Will or have made a Will and have not reviewed it for some time, find out more about the Will Writing Awareness Week and how to book, by calling the Information and Advice Service on 01273 720603. Please be aware that anyone wishing to book should reside within the City boundaries and be over 50 years of age.

Avoiding Scams

No one likes to feel that they have wasted or, even worse, been conned out of their money. Unfortunately, there are plenty of situations in which you can be acting in good faith and suddenly find you’ve come off worse from a transaction. We use the word ‘scam’ to indicate a dishonest or fraudulent scheme designed to cheat someone. It could be anything from buying products or services, to making investments or becoming involved in apparently failsafe business propositions.

Older people can be an attractive target for scammers, not least because they are more likely to have easily accessible savings than younger people. Some older people are isolated and may not have anyone to go to for advice. Also, the older generation may be less likely to have access to the internet as a checking tool, although this is increasingly less true. Most of us can protect ourselves from scams if we have the right information and advice. What about carers, friends or relatives? If you are concerned that someone you know is being tricked, or is buying unsuitable products and services, you can look out for warning signs such as unusual amounts of post or evidence of large cash withdrawals; offer advice and support – reassure the person that this is a common problem and can happen to anyone.
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Paying Care Home Fees

If you have any questions or concerns that you would like Sam from the local Age Concern service to answer, write to us at whwhistler@aol.com and we’ll ask Sam’s advice.

At the Age Concern Information and Advice Service we are sometimes approached by family members supporting an older relative, faced with a decision about residential care. As well as the prospect of having to leave their home, older people may be concerned about having to sell that which for many people is their biggest asset. While the government has set up a commission to consider how social care will be funded in the future, it is likely to be some time before any changes are made. Having some information about what the rules are now can help people consider their options.
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Can’t Pay Utility Bills?

Sam Bond
Sam Bond

Welcome to Sam Bond from the local Age Concern service. If you have any questions or concerns that you would like Sam to answer, write to us at whwhistler@aol.com and we’ll ask Sam’s advice. Now that the cold weather has hit us, older people will need their heating more than most. They may not go out and about as much as others, may move about indoors less, and are more vulnerable to the effects of the cold. However, workers at the Information and Advice Service at Age Concern Brighton, Hove and Portslade know from experience that many older people struggle to pay their fuel bills. So what do we advise older people in this situation?

One of the things you can do is to ask your supplier about social tariffs. Most energy suppliers offer social tariffs (reduced rates) to older people and those with long term health conditions. Each supplier has their own rules about who qualifies for social tariffs, so contact your supplier to check whether you qualify.
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