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Tower Block Lessons

The Grenfell Tower disaster has provoked fierce debate on a wide range of issues, one of which is the future of high rise construction itself. It is a topic which is of particular concern to the residents of Brighton & Hove where the council itself owns over forty buildings which are over 18 meters in height. It is also proposed to build further residential towers of up to 40 storeys in many parts of the city. These include the Marina, Preston Park, Lewes Road, Hove Station and the King Alfred site on the sea front. Continue reading Tower Block Lessons

Jim Gowans’ West Hill Watch, Feb 17

Anston House

Despite widespread local opposition which included some 470 formal objections and a petition with over 3500 signatures a majority of councillors on the Planning Committee voted to approve a scheme to construct three tower blocks which will overshadow Preston Park. The Council’s own Heritage Team, the Council’s Conservation Advisory Group and the Council’s Tree Officer, together with the Sussex Gardens Trust, had all objected. Continue reading Jim Gowans’ West Hill Watch, Feb 17

Threat to Preston Park

Just a 15 minute walk from West Hill, the listed park with its rose garden and amenities for adults, children and families, is under threat from tower blocks. Developers have tried for years to build high rise towers nearby with expensive penthouse flats offering views of the park to those who can afford them, with scant regard for the effects of overshadowing.  A 2003 scheme to build a 16 storey tower on the former Endeavour garage site south of the park, dubbed “Endeavourerst”, was  rejected and a scheme with 15 storeys, on the Anston House site, was also refused in 2013. Continue reading Threat to Preston Park