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A Biba-esque emporium

An Aladdin’s Cave where Frida Kahlo sits next to beautiful vintage kimonos while Tintin and Buddha look on. Jed Novick goes in search of the Objet D’ials I want people to feel that they’ve disconnected with the outside world and engaged with the shop when they’ve walked through […]

Vive La Difference?

Justin Simpson, a familiar face around West Hill in general and the Duke of Wellington in particular, lived in Buckingham Road and has been going back and forth between the UK and Australia for donkey’s years as he’s a dual passport holder. He left Brighton recently for Sydney […]

Charles Dickens

Brighton Connections

Concluding our review of Dickens in his bi-centenary year, local author and historian, Rose Collis writes about his connections with Brighton – from the New Encyclopaedia of Brighton. Dickens was a regular visitor to Brighton, first visiting in 1836 while he was writing Oliver Twist. Four years later, […]