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Community Concerns

Earlier this year, Caroline Lucas MP had discussions with Brighton Chief Inspector Rachel Swinney about her community policing role. CI Swinney said that a plan was being pulled together to help make it easier for officers to attend Local Action Teams regularly. While West Hill’s action team has lapsed since Cllr Lizzie Deane was no longer able to chair it, West Hill residents can make their concerns known directly to their MP or local councillors; write to The Whistler and we will collate and send them on; or via public meetings that WHCA will host if there are major concerns. Continue reading Community Concerns

Community-owned Solar Energy

On 16 May, Brighton Energy Co-operative launched a share offer to raise £200,000 for its solar energy scheme that will generate community-owned green power in Brighton & Hove and fund local projects to help people reduce their energy bills. The launch event at the Friends’ Meeting House was attended by Green MP Caroline Lucas and leader of the council, Jason Kitcat. It is not too late to join in as the launch offer runs until 14 June, and interested parties can make a pledge to buy shares on the Brighton Energy Co-operative website www.brightonenergy.org.uk
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Save my Job

“We should remember that domestic violence remains a tragic reality for many people. Now is the time to put an end to violence in the home and do all we can to protect children from abuse – not cut back on crucial services for the most vulnerable in our communities.”

So said Caroline Lucas MP on hearing the news that Sussex-based domestic violence charity Rise is facing the threat of losing its child support worker since funding ended on March 31. Anna Young, the worker under threat, is campaigning to save her job, and therefore Rise’s entire child support service. Anna has set up an online fundraising campaign called ‘Savemyjob’ which she hopes will raise enough money to keep this service going.

See further information on Rise’s website www.rise.co.uk. Anna’s save my job site can be viewed at: sites.google.com/site/fundmyjob. To donate directly to the appeal visit www.justgiving.com/fundmyjob

The Caroline Lucas Tapes

Pizza Girl is on holiday this month but we have an exclusive and probing interview by 8-year-old Hermione Fisher-Gate of Guildford Road with our MP Caroline Lucas.

Caroline Lucas
Caroline Lucas

Are the queues long at the Westminster canteen? Do they have vegan options of the day?
I haven’t spent a great deal of time there so far – the odd rushed coffee! I’m not vegan, but I’m campaigning for meat-free Mondays in all of Parliament’s canteens.  I’m much more likely to snatch a sandwich and eat at my desk.

What is your office like? Does it come furnished?

It’s an older building, so it doesn’t have quite the flash modernity of Portcullis House where many MPs have offices but it’s got more space, so much more practicable.

When you won the election you were seen jumping for joy. Do you think this is correct behaviour for someone of your elevation?
I’m not sure if I was jumping for joy that much as I was pretty exhausted after the campaign and staying up so late – after all, it was around 6am when the result was declared at the count.  But, yes, I was obviously thrilled to have been elected so must, I’m sure, have shown some emotion.
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