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Community Concerns

Earlier this year, Caroline Lucas MP had discussions with Brighton Chief Inspector Rachel Swinney about her community policing role. CI Swinney said that a plan was being pulled together to help make it easier for officers to attend Local Action Teams regularly. While West Hill’s action team has […]

Community-owned Solar Energy

On 16 May, Brighton Energy Co-operative launched a share offer to raise £200,000 for its solar energy scheme that will generate community-owned green power in Brighton & Hove and fund local projects to help people reduce their energy bills. The launch event at the Friends’ Meeting House was […]

Save my Job

“We should remember that domestic violence remains a tragic reality for many people. Now is the time to put an end to violence in the home and do all we can to protect children from abuse – not cut back on crucial services for the most vulnerable in […]

Caroline Lucas

The Caroline Lucas Tapes

Pizza Girl is on holiday this month but we have an exclusive and probing interview by 8-year-old Hermione Fisher-Gate of Guildford Road with our MP Caroline Lucas. Are the queues long at the Westminster canteen? Do they have vegan options of the day? I haven’t spent a great […]