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My Festive Cheeseboard

Lucie Inns
Lucie Inns

The festive season brings out the desire for cheese in just about everyone. Even people who don’t eat cheese the rest of the year seem to feel compelled to have a selection of cheeses in the fridge at this time of year.

For people familiar with the delights of assembling a cheese board, Christmas cheese holds no fear, but for others whose cheese familiarity is limited to strong Cheddar coupled with something soft, it can be a challenge. Most supermarket staff have very little knowledge of the cheeses they sell, and are not much use if you need help and advice. Supermarket cheeses themselves are generally made in a factory from blended milk of unknown origin and can be pretty uninspiring. So, if you really want to enjoy some delicious cheeses that are at their peak for Christmas and the New Year find a reputable cheesemonger who can advise you and allow you taste their cheeses on offer. Cheese selection is really a matter of personal taste. However, there are a few cheeses which seem to play an integral part in the traditional festive larder. Continue reading My Festive Cheeseboard

Art or Alchemy?

Lucie Inns of Cheesology writes about…cheese

The artisan cheese-making process is a mixture of science, art and alchemy. Even now as an experienced cheesemonger, it amazes me that something as simple as milk can be transformed into such a wonderful foodstuff with so many variations and I’m constantly in awe of the cheesemakers whose knowledge and skill enables this transformation to take place. Continue reading Art or Alchemy?