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Spotted Round The Dials

Lianne Hall, who runs the Music Club at West Hill Hall and deals with all the bookings, is warmly welcomed back to Seven Dials after a 3 month writer-in-residency at an Arts Centre in Germany.

Bay TreeRichard Ford, an ex-postie who used to live in Centurion Road and who normally delivers The Whistler, has been ill for the past few months so we’ve had a series of other helpers braving all weathers to deliver the paper to our readers, including your editor, Colette. On one of her rounds, she spotted this amazing bay tree in Clifton Street, along with many other exotic trees which grace the gardens in the road. If you’re the owner of this magnificent beast do drop us a line and tell us how long you’ve been growing it.

Last edition we wrote about Kevin Freeman’s designs for Santa’s Tickly Tale at the Imabic Arts Theatre. The show went really well, great review in The Argus and on ChildFriendlyBrighton.co.uk and the weekend matinees were sell-outs.