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Later Life Lending

IN A COUPLE of consecutive editions, a little over a year ago, I addressed the subjects of a) Interest Only Mortgages and b) Lifetime Mortgages. In an effort to avoid the increasingly depressing Brexit saga, and the increasingly desperate pledges from the two remaining candidates vying to become the new holders of the poison chalice, I thought I would write a few updated paragraphs on what is often referred to as ‘Later Life Lending’ (LLL). Continue reading Later Life Lending

Lifetime Mortgages

A little departure from the norm this issue. A subject that has become increasingly popular of late, and will continue to do so, especially as the provision of first-rate occupational pensions is becoming less commonplace, and contributions into personal arrangements are generally somewhat inadequate. This is the thorny subject of ‘Equity Release’ or ‘Lifetime Mortgages’. Much has been said about such arrangements over the years, a fair amount of which was ill-informed, and some, pure sensationalism. I hope to shine a little light on these products, so that you may have a better idea of the realities (and fallacies) of the arrangements that are available these days. Continue reading Lifetime Mortgages