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Round & About

An artist’s impression of the proposed layout at the Seven Dials

Following a meeting on 15 January 2013, the much discussed changes to the Seven Dials have been passed by the B&H Council Transport Committee. Addison Road resident, Bob Potter, has been very vocal in his objections, not to the need for change but to the consultation process itself. His points are made below and we asked one of the objects of his ire, Ian Davey, Green Councillor and Chair of the Transport Committee, to respond.
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The Caroline Lucas Tapes

Pizza Girl is on holiday this month but we have an exclusive and probing interview by 8-year-old Hermione Fisher-Gate of Guildford Road with our MP Caroline Lucas.

Caroline Lucas
Caroline Lucas

Are the queues long at the Westminster canteen? Do they have vegan options of the day?
I haven’t spent a great deal of time there so far – the odd rushed coffee! I’m not vegan, but I’m campaigning for meat-free Mondays in all of Parliament’s canteens.  I’m much more likely to snatch a sandwich and eat at my desk.

What is your office like? Does it come furnished?

It’s an older building, so it doesn’t have quite the flash modernity of Portcullis House where many MPs have offices but it’s got more space, so much more practicable.

When you won the election you were seen jumping for joy. Do you think this is correct behaviour for someone of your elevation?
I’m not sure if I was jumping for joy that much as I was pretty exhausted after the campaign and staying up so late – after all, it was around 6am when the result was declared at the count.  But, yes, I was obviously thrilled to have been elected so must, I’m sure, have shown some emotion.
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Interview with Caroline Lucas

Pizza Girl was happy to help her neighbour’s 12 year old daughter secure an interview with the delightful Leader of the Green Party, Caroline Lucas. Caroline was only too pleased to help Quanita with her media studies project. I think you will agree from her probing questions that Quanita has a promising career in journalism ahead of her.

Caroline Lucas
Caroline Lucas

I see from your website that you are a doctor. When did you decide to give up medicine for politics?

I don’t think I’d make a very good medical doctor (I’m far too squeamish!). Doctors don’t just study medicine. I studied English Literature at University and wrote a study about women’s literature, which enabled me to gain a doctorate.

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