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Passenger Benefit Fund

ONE OF The Whistler editors spent 20 years commuting up to London from Brighton station, enjoying jumping out (incredibly dangerously) of ‘slam door’ trains just as they came to a stop at the platform in Victoria; dodging the delights and gay abandon of the die-hard smoking carriages; running from platform to platform as Jacques Tati-esque incomprehensible announcements of delays and changes to trains were piped through loud, distorted speakers.  In 2012, we published a series of satirical articles about how to survive the daily commute by David Cuff, called ‘Train Dead’. The clue was in the title. Just when long suffering passengers thought things could only get better, in fact they got worse and  Govia Thameslink Railway’s (GTR)  service deteriorated steadily, even before the 2018 timetable changes, putting their customers through massive miseries. Continue reading Passenger Benefit Fund