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London Medical Herbalist Discovers Seven Dials

Moving from Canary Wharf, where I had a healthcare practice looking after the stressed and burned out bankers, to Seven Dials is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Arriving here last December shortly before all the snow, it came as a pleasant surprise to have neighbours, who smile in the street and greet me. Within a short time of arriving here, The Whistler arrived and I relished every word. A community newspaper, where residents are encouraged to contribute! This was something I had never experienced before. It made me realise that I want to work in this community.

I became interested in Herbal Medicine and the power of medicinal plants, when my partner was diagnosed with cancer. After surgery, he preferred to avoid radiation or chemotherapy. To that end I set out to explore other avenues. What I discovered was so fascinating that this period in my life signified a turning point. I had such a passion for Herbal Medicine that I decided to study for a Bachelor of Science Honours degree in it. After graduating with a commendation, my passion for the subject was stronger than ever and I went on to do postgraduate study too. By following what is in my heart, I have managed to make a difference to the lives of others, which is the most rewarding aspect of my work.

Since those early days helping my partner, my practice has gone from strength to strength and, after appearing on live television to discuss health issues, I was invited to practice at the world-famous Hale Clinic in Central London, which was opened by HRH The Prince of Wales. I am now delighted to have a practice at Dyke Road Natural Health Clinic, where I can serve this community.

Deborah Grant BSc(Hons)Herb.Med. Consultant Medical Herbalist