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Out and About

Litter Louts Look Out

People caught dropping litter, fly-tipping and allowing their dogs to foul in public places anywhere in Brighton & Hove now face £75 instant fines. Enforcement officers, employed by private company 3GS Environmental Solutions, began patrolling in the city in March. The new service supports the Council’s strategy of encouraging everyone to produce less waste and recycle more. It aims to tackle antisocial and illegal behaviour, improve the environment and reduce waste clean-up and disposal costs. Continue reading Out and About


Thursday 11 September 2014  

Fabrica Gallery, 40 Duke Street, Brighton

On Thursday 11 September (1-4pm), Fabrica gallery, in collaboration with arts and heritage organisation Strike a Light, will be hosting a free and specially created event Centennial. Forming part of the nationwide Heritage Open Days free events across England and Wales, this is an afternoon drop-in to commemorate the beginning of the centenary of World War I.

It profiles and examines aspects of our experiences of the war through the use of diaries, moving image, wartime songs, creative workshops, and talks, exploring our shared and personal memories relating to the war, and the stories with which we were left. Continue reading Centennial