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Wilberforce Wasp was weary. Wilberforce Wasp was worried. Wilberforce Wasp was wretched. It was late summer and he was cold and alone. What had he done to deserve it? He may not have led the life expected of him as a wasp, but what good had come from the evil done to his kind? They were universally loathed by the human race and, indeed, most of the animal kingdom. Flying about and stinging was hardly a way to win friends. And being labelled nasty and vicious? No! Definitely not. Not for him. Continue reading Wasp


Kate Dyson takes our lives into her hands . . .

I have a problem which I have attempted to conceal for 51 years, and although those who know me well may have seen through me, to my knowledge the authorities, to date, appear to  remain in a state of ignorance. Since I fear that this state of affairs is unlikely to last for much longer, I have, with reluctance, decided to ‘come out’. Continue reading Undeterred

Dentists I have liked, loved and loathed . . .

. . . in no particular order

The older I get, the more I question some of the decisions made by the man upstairs with the long white beard. No doubt he sustains himself by enjoying his candy floss clouds, and quenches his thirst by giving them the odd squeeze. But why, for heaven’s sake, were we designed with teeth? Let’s face it, they give us pain when they are with us, their arrival is heralded by aching gums, and when they finally fall out, we look frightful and are unable to eat properly. Continue reading Dentists I have liked, loved and loathed . . .

To Bed or Not to Bed?

The days when I believed that being in receipt of my free bus pass was some compensation for growing old, were short lived. Oh, what I wouldn’t give to pay full fares for the rest of my life, in exchange for the return of the fresh bloom of my youth. Creaking bones, failing eyesight, slack skin and memory loss are too high a price to pay for free travel. Yes, getting old has little to recommend it. And the need to nod off all over the place is both embarrassing and time-wasting. Continue reading To Bed or Not to Bed?

The Asylum Monologues

THE Asylum Monologues is a first-hand account of the UK’s asylum system in the words of people who have experienced it. It was first scripted from verbatim accounts and launched in 2006 by Ice and Fire, a theatre company whose members are Actors for Human Rights. This performance at West Hill Hall on Saturday 17 February  is a rehearsed reading by professional actors Kate Dyson, Trevor Jones, Alexa Povah and Glyn Sweet. Continue reading The Asylum Monologues