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Community Concerns

Earlier this year, Caroline Lucas MP had discussions with Brighton Chief Inspector Rachel Swinney about her community policing role. CI Swinney said that a plan was being pulled together to help make it easier for officers to attend Local Action Teams regularly. While West Hill’s action team has lapsed since Cllr Lizzie Deane was no longer able to chair it, West Hill residents can make their concerns known directly to their MP or local councillors; write to The Whistler and we will collate and send them on; or via public meetings that WHCA will host if there are major concerns. Continue reading Community Concerns

Terminus Road Taxi Rank

The council’s proposal for an 18-month Terminus Road taxi rank trial has been put on hold, following a packed public meeting in December. Members of the West Hill Action Team organised the meeting, held at the West Hill Hall on 8 December, where Cllr Gill Mitchell, chair of the council’s Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee, was invited, along with senior council officers, to put their case forward and answer questions. See full minutes of the meeting at westhillwhistler.wordpress.com Continue reading Terminus Road Taxi Rank

Minutes of the WHAT meeting re Taxi Rank 8 December

Background to why the meeting was called

Stephen Anderson (SA)
The West Hill neighbourhood suffered intolerable inconvenience, noise and pollution during the Gateway works to Brighton Station where traffic management was poor, and the Council did not respond to complaints and comments. Residents put up with the situation as we were told repeatedly that this was only a temporary arrangement. However, throughout the Brighton Station Gateway works, there were isolated instances when Terminus Road was used as a Taxi Rank without either prior warning or adequate traffic management, and this created an atmosphere of mistrust regarding the Council’s intentions. Continue reading Minutes of the WHAT meeting re Taxi Rank 8 December

Party hotel to rise above St Nicholas

Despite a powerful and well-argued speech from Councillor Lizzie Deane opposing the scheme, the Planning Committee of Brighton & Hove City Council decided to ignore the objections of over 140 local residents and community groups, including the WHCA and the Conservation Advisory Group, by giving permission for a six storey apartment hotel which will dominate the skyline south of the oldest church in Brighton and will cause misery to the residents of Wykeham Terrace.
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