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3 Cheers for Artisan Cheese

Welcome to Lucie Inns who starts a new column on her favourite subject…

CheeseNo doubt your splendid festive cheeseboard is but a distant memory? So to cheer us all up in these dark days, the lovely Whistler editorial team have asked me to create this new column all about cheese to complement Andrew’s regular wine articles. I am a Hove-based cheesemonger, Cheesology, specialising in artisan cheeses from the British Isles and I’d like to lead you on a journey to celebrate this amazing food and, hopefully in the process, develop your knowledge and interest in it. Continue reading 3 Cheers for Artisan Cheese

Say Cheesology

Moon Pale SliceWallace and Gromit can’t get enough of it, some believe that the moon is made from it and you can’t really say it without smiling…cheese!

Great cheese is food alchemy and now the discerning cheese eaters of Brighton & Hove can indulge in some of the really good stuff. Not the mass produced cheese that you buy in a supermarket but cheese that is hand-made with lots of passion using traditional recipes and very high quality raw ingredients.

Welcome to Cheesology your local mobile cheesemonger, supporting small artisan cheese-makers and delivering great hand-made cheese to your door. My cheese is either locally sourced or from small British suppliers.

I personally taste and select all of my cheeses. A typical Cheesology cheese box contains 5 types of hand-made cheese – a combination of cows’, goats’ and sheep’s milk to give you a perfectly balanced cheeseboard. Imagine a creamy Brie style cheese from Devon just at the peak of its condition, or a deep, soft and mellow Cheddar, matured for over a year by third generation Somerset cheese makers – totally delicious!

The cost of the standard box is £13.50 including some quirky tasting-notes and delivery within the Brighton & Hove area. The Cheesology cheese box is perfect for your dinner party or as a great gift for those foodie friends. I change my cheese selection regularly, so it’s a good way for you to discover and taste some new ones. My customers come mainly through word-of-mouth and recommendation. You might say that Cheesology is Brighton & Hove’s best kept secret.

Try saying Cheesology without smiling.

If you enjoy fine cheese I’d love to hear from you. Tel: 07950 217351
Email: lucie.ilovelucie@btinternet.com

Lucie Inns