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Looking Forward

My article this month is a bit of a mishmash, in that there are lots of things to write about and not enough space to do them all justice. Investment markets are probably the easiest to sum up: volatility again! Uncertainty abounds. Wherever we look, there are doubts […]

Rules is Rules

Greetings, one and all, and welcome to the height of Summer snapshot of the financial world. By the time this illustrious periodical hits the doormat, we may have endured a prolonged spell of thunder storms (this is England, when all is said and done), but hopefully, we have […]

(Sm)All Change

Well, well, what a busy time it’s been! When closing my column for the last issue, I alluded to the forthcoming Budget, expecting – as many did – a run- of-the-mill effort from our Chancellor. In place of the usual tinkering, with a fiscal slap on the wrist […]

Any Change?

In my last article, I promised a more detailed comment on the Budget changes to the tax treatment of pensions, but it seems that these changes are not yet ‘cast in stone’. There have been some alterations since the Budget, as I last wrote, and we may not […]