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Grocer and Grain – a year of growth

Well folks, it really is nearly a year since we opened the doors of the store, ventured into the world of food and its delights, climbed a steep learning curve and took you with us on this amazing journey.

We just wanted to thank all of you in the neighbourhood who have supported and encouraged us so far. For your ideas, feedback and company! Our little shop seems to be as much a social get-together as it is a place to pick up a fresh loaf and some veg. We’ve learnt that people really do come together over food and we feel part of your lives as you share your family stories, events and updates when you visit us.

What has also been so enjoyable has been working with, and supporting, local Sussex producers. Building relationships with people who are passionate about their – eggs, cheese, chutney – is so exciting and gives meaning and character to a product that we can pass on to our customers. Supporting local producers certainly puts more soul into our daily work. What’s interesting is that more people are approaching us now with new products – so hopefully our store is seen as a good showcase.

Grocer & Grain
Grocer & Grain

I’m also really enjoying cooking and baking for the store and am so appreciative of your compliments – my cakes seem to be rather popular! Working with the seasons has allowed the store to evolve in appearance and with products – it is constantly adapting and we think that’s a good thing. We are always thinking of new ideas and how we can move forward: recently we introduced organic bulk cereals and grains – saving on packaging and cost to our customers. We are also expanding our chilled deli product range as we edge towards sunnier days – good beach picnic grub! In essence, we are still learning and still growing. We hope you will want to come with us as we continue this journey through the next year.

Lizzie & Hakan Toklu