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Gwladys the Actress Penguin

Enjoying the penguin in the John Lewis Christmas advert? Think it’s a bit far fetched? Here’s a true story written in 1982 by the Irish writer, Theodora Fitzgibbon.

Gwladys was a rara avis in the true sense because she was an actress penguin. She had starred in a film called ‘To Brighton with a Bird’ and it was in a film studio that I had first met her and her owner. Her owner had expressed to me her concern to find a home for Gwladys for two weeks while she went away. Gwladys hated other penguins, preferred human company, therefore a zoo was out of the question. On the spur of the moment I said I would look after her. The fish should have warned me but, having been in hospital, had put it right out of my mind. Continue reading Gwladys the Actress Penguin