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Looking Forward

My article this month is a bit of a mishmash, in that there are lots of things to write about and not enough space to do them all justice. Investment markets are probably the easiest to sum up: volatility again! Uncertainty abounds. Wherever we look, there are doubts […]

(Sm)All Change

Well, well, what a busy time it’s been! When closing my column for the last issue, I alluded to the forthcoming Budget, expecting – as many did – a run- of-the-mill effort from our Chancellor. In place of the usual tinkering, with a fiscal slap on the wrist […]

Pension joke

No Give-aways this Time

One of the joys of being an Independent Financial Adviser, (and writing a column, such as this) is having to foretell the future. Luckily, having a vaguely psychic ancestor, I am well equipped to deal with such matters. I should say that I am referring to the 2011 […]