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Parking News

I have been trying to get some idea as to the loss of parking spaces due to the proposed introduction of many more waste bins. In area ‘Y’ 30 permit-only spaces are to be removed along with 20 dual use bays, plus a possible few disabled bays.

Parking Update

The Council has gone ahead with the unlimited sale of Trader Permits at nearly double the price. All we get from the Council is that the price increase will reduce traffic, pollution and congestion. What it really means is that workmen will choose to work elsewhere or charge […]

Parking woes

Council rules allow the blocking of some driveways. The Road Traffic Act prohibits it. Code 27 can be used by a Civil Enforcement Officer (CEO) as an offence for parking adjacent to a dropped kerb even though the vehicle has paid and displayed. Another code offence 62 prohibits […]

Parking Update

The long-awaited meeting with the Assistant Director for Transport took place a few weeks ago along with the Permit and Parking Policy Manager. The problem with the dropped kerbs that have parking bays across them was the main point of discussion. The Council has not relented over this […]

Parking Update

Steve Percy has been working hard on our behalf for the last 9 years. He’s on the Transport Committee now and is able to question, and sometimes, effect change about traffic problems. Steve refers to the Brighton Station Gateway project which will affect traffic flow in this area, […]