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Och Aye or No?

Financial guru, David Foot, wonders about a vote in a land not that far away…

By the time you read this, it will all be over. The die (or rather the votes) will have been cast, and we will know what the future holds for Bonny Scotland. Some may wonder what it has to do with us, way down on the south coast, but financially, it could have some pretty dramatic implications. Some of the UK’s best known names in the financial sector are institutions that are based in Scotland. Anyone who has been involved with the Life Assurance, Pensions and Investment industry, will be very well aware of the Scottish Mafia and even, arguably, the best known Standard Life, is based in Edinburgh. Many have already announced that, in the event of a Yes vote, that they will relocate to England, something that must have given at least some weight to the No’s. Continue reading Och Aye or No?