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The Wizard of Seven Dials

The Seven Dials roundabout, recently lit by a lovely Christmas tree is finally finished.
After months with drivers having to find workarounds and rat runs to avoid the chaos caused by a bus stop built on the exit of the roundabout, I concluded that even a baby only takes 9 months, and this thing is simply taking too long.

I think of traffic flow like water through pipes, and whilst other routes were available, none appeared to have been defined to direct and manage the volume of traffic being displaced. Add the numerous reports of uncaring construction staff, and phew, we find a community that is being delivered a new roundabout, but also a community that is not being managed in any way to receive this delivery.
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Letters to the Whistler

Dear Whistler
A major area of Brighton constantly has issues concerning ATMs that are either not working at all, or they are, but they have no cash in them. I don’t know if The Whistler or its readers are aware of this. The area concerned is the Seven Dials and I have experienced this problem for the last 18 months at least. I’m sure this is a major issue for residents of the Seven Dials area, because the next nearest ATMs are either in London Road or in Queen’s Road. This means if you are a pedestrian, which I am, at least a 30-minute round trip from the Seven Dials, whatever the weather conditions.
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Art@Seven on the Dials

I have been fortunate enough to have use of the building at the Seven Dials which used to be Tomorrow’s World, as a ‘pop up’ shop. I have been a successful artist for 22 years, selling from a local business that I used to co-manage, and I have exhibited in cafés, bars and galleries throughout Sussex. I paint various subjects in acrylics and other mediums. I also ‘up-cycle’ furniture and paint murals and write blackboards.
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Letters to the Whistler

Dear Editor

I have been reading the various suggestions for improvements to the Seven Dials junction and Brighton station with great interest. In the long term, the only solution to traffic congestion is to build an underground railway, such as that which exists in London. I am aware that in the current economic climate, this is about as likely as me winning the national lottery. In the meantime, the powers-that-be have to consider affordable measures. My suggestion for the rail station is to re-develop the existing multi-storey car park to the north east of the station and to turn this into a taxi and bus hub. There could be warm waiting rooms for passengers. All bus routes to the east and north-east of the area would start from this hub. The outside of the building could be designed with the main bus station in Nice, France as a template, i.e. covered with vegetation and flowers in the summer!
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Out & About

Jim Gowans, WHCA’s rep on the Conservation Advisory Group, assesses local developments…

Pavement Clutter

More telecommunication boxes measuring 1.6 meters high and 1.2 meters wide are being plonked on pavements in our area, notably in West Hill Road at the side of 23 Buckingham Road. There are already four old-type boxes within a few yards of that which is proposed, together with a parking meter and various parking signs. In the last few weeks the City Council has installed galvanised bars into pavements alongside motorcycle parking bays. Owners of expensive motorbikes can now chain them up. So much for the Council’s policy of encouraging walking and cycling! Meanwhile the elm tree on the pavement near the Seven Dials Roundabout is to be cut down as part of the improvement scheme. We can’t have a tree cluttering the pavement can we?

Seven Dials Roundabout
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