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Sour Adversity

“Let me embrace thee, sour adversity, for wise men say it is the wisest course.” Given my not infrequent comments over the last 20 years regarding markets’ attitude to uncertainty, and the possible scenarios that may occur under varying economic situations, you may not be surprised to see […]

Sarah Siddons

Sarah Siddons

In the late 18th Century Sarah Siddons was the object of superfluous admiration and recommendation. Theatrical reviews were having a heyday and while an actor could be criticised for playing the King in Lear as if somebody somewhere was about the play the Ace, Mrs Siddons’ appearance was […]

A Midsummer’s Night Madness

On 22 June the Marlborough Theatre was packed on-stage with Brighton Branch Equity members and off-stage with a full house. Carole Bremson had miraculously condensed Shakespeare’s forest scenes, offering a pine-fresh perspective on transformation, displacement, temporary loss of inhibitions in five plays and several sonnets. The sylvan inter-cutting, […]

Akram Khan

Dome’s Biggest Ever Season

Brighton Dome’s Chief Executive, Andrew Comben, launched the Dome’s autumn season recently. The season has a glittering line up of events that will brighten up the dark evenings to come. There are two mini festivals: a celebration of Shakespeare with international and local theatre groups presenting Macbeth and […]