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Police Contacts

Sussex Police have launched a Contact Campaign to let the public know the different ways they can contact the police, depending on needs. When there isn’t a crime in progress or risk to life, the public should call 101, report online or seek an alternative option. In addition to police social media activity to raise awareness, a revised contact card bespoke to each district is available both in downloadable electronic format, and as a postcard that people can pick up in public areas and at events so they can pin it up at home for easy reference. Continue reading Police Contacts

Hello, Hello, Hello

Sussex Police is opening its doors and inviting you to see what happens in a variety of policing departments across the force.

From 9am on Friday 10 October until 9am on Saturday 11 October you can watch them at work in a 24-hour live stream on their website.

During the broadcast, members of the public who won a competition will have the chance to interview the chosen units live on air. Those units include: Continue reading Hello, Hello, Hello