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The Great Baldini

I kinda like magic. I like the idea of it, the mystery of it, the promise of something, of life being not quite as it seems. And I’ve always loved the mix of show, of comedy and magic – well, I once wrote the biography of Tommy Cooper, so… kinda biased. Which brings us to…

The Great Baldini, who is, according to the press release, a “legendary magician and illusionist”, sounds right up our alley and has a new show called ILLUSIONATI: A Magical Conspiracy, at the Brighton Fringe.

It’s 1930s Britain: The Great Baldini is a fixture of the British Music Hall Magic Circuit. However, he has never quite achieved the success he feels he truly deserves, and he suspects that an unseen power is working against him. When Baldini obtains the diary of the Great Lafayette, a clue scribbled on the last page identifies a secret cabal of Magicians (the ILLUSIONATI) as this power.

Baldini is determined to find and confront the ILLUSIONATI and finally take his rightful place as the preeminent magician of his age. The show will take audiences on a thrilling journey of mystery and intrigue, as Baldini reveals the secrets of the ILLUSIONATI. Combining comedy, storytelling and miraculous effects, Baldini will captivate and amaze audiences of all ages.

‘ILLUSIONATI: A Magical Conspiracy’ (50 minutes) By the Great Baldini 
29th May – 2nd June | Laughing Horse @ The Walrus (BN1 1AD) | 18:45 | £10 (£8 conc)

3rd-4th June | Laughing Horse @ The Quadrant (BN1 3GJ) | 14:45 | £10 (£8 conc)