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A Wine Lover’s Dream at Bright News

What wine-lover has not, at some time, dreamed of owning a vineyard, whiling away long hot summers watching the grapes ripen, a glass of last year’s vintage in hand? A few are foolish enough to try it. A very few actually make a success of it; although, as the saying goes, you can make a small fortune out of wine-making, but only if you start with a large fortune. I’ve thought about this a lot, so imagine my interest when Colette, our co-editor, alerted me to the fact that Vinod Mashru is selling wine at Bright News, in Buckingham Road, that not only has his label on it, but which has been produced by a partnership between his family and a Spanish wine-making family in Rioja. Continue reading A Wine Lover’s Dream at Bright News

The Whistler – June 2015

Brighton is so Bracing
Brighton is so Bracing


After 22 years, Sylvia Alexander-Vine has retired as Chair of West Hill Community Association. She was planning to announce this at the April AGM but she suffered a serious stroke earlier in the month and was unable to attend. The Association sends heartfelt best wishes for her speedy recovery and thanks Sylvia for her tireless work securing the purchase of the Hall, and the day-to-day running of WHCA. For many years she did the Hall bookings, correspondence and administration as well as the typesetting of The Whistler without the help of a computer as, in the early days, everything was done by hand and post! She leaves WHCA with a thriving, well-maintained and well-used community hall. She stays on as a trustee and co-editor of The Whistler. WHCA trustees voted Vinod Mashru, the proprietor of Bright News, to the position of Chair, and Dorothy Lamb was also welcomed as a new trustee.

Vinod with Mayor Brian FitchNo, the Mayor (pictured with Vinod), did not inaugurate him as Chair of WHCA, but together with the other trustees, association members, and Whistler contributors, Councillor Brian Fitch and his wife Norah, hosted a small gathering recently in the Mayor’s Parlour to celebrate WHCA’s contribution to the voluntary landscape of Brighton & Hove.


The national annual celebration of volunteers, marked during Volunteers’ Week 1-7 June, recognises the contribution made by millions of volunteers across the UK. In Brighton and Hove, volunteers donate 5.7 million hours every year to our city’s community groups and voluntary organisations. If they were paid the living wage for their work, their donated time would be worth £44 million a year.


10:10:10 A Global Day of Doing


10:10 has joined forces with international campaign group 350 to co-ordinate 10:10:10 – the biggest-ever day of positive action on climate change on Sunday 10 October 2010.Together we can trigger a tidal wave of emissions reductions, and send a powerful message to world leaders that we are already two steps ahead: busy cutting carbon in local communities, businesses and organisations on every continent. On 10:10:10 you could…

  • Buy your newspapers from local stores instead of supermarkets, which waste millions of plastic bags a day, as the papers come delivered in them, unlike to independent stores which collate the sections themselves. Talk to Vinod at Bright News about it and see his furious face.
  • Recruit a team of volunteers to fit free insulation into every loft in the neighbourhood
  • Launch a bike-to-work/school incentive scheme or run a bike-repair workshop
  • Ceremoniously cut the ribbon to your newly installed office water fountain (so long long-
    distance bottled water!)
  • Start up a lift-share scheme or car-pool with your friends
  • Hold a swap-shop event where people swap second hand clothes, furniture and books, instead of buying new

For more information email: hello@1010uk.org or phone: 0207 388 6688