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Carve their Names with Pride

In the last edition of The Whistler, we ran an article entitled West Hill Born Secret Agent Remembered. Now, there are more details to share of the celebrations that will take place to remember Lt Jacqueline Nearne and her fellow officers.

Lt Jacqueline Nearn CdeG, MBE, Capt Michael Trotobas, Capt Edward Zeff MBE, CdeG, Capt Ronald Taylor
Lt Jacqueline Nearn CdeG, MBE, Capt Michael Trotobas, Capt Edward Zeff MBE, CdeG, Capt Ronald Taylor

The Secret WW2 Learning Network and its partners, including the University of Sussex, will be at
Brighton Dome Corn Exchange at 11am on Saturday 12 November 2016
for the official ‘grand reveal’ of four blue plaques in memory of four Brighton-born WW2 secret agents of the Special Operations Executive (SOE). Continue reading Carve their Names with Pride

The Whistler – December 2015


Play Streets in West Hill

Kids playing on streets is a rather old fashioned idea, but it is making a comeback!

There are proven benefits to children’s health and community cohesion. Research carried out by National Playday shows that 81% of adults think it improves community cohesion and 70% think it makes an area more desirable to live in.

Play Streets are a recent initiative born in Bristol and being encouraged by the Council here. Basically, they involve regular times on specific days when a road becomes pedestrian priority. Adults ‘close’ the road each end (often with bunting) allowing children and adults to come out and chat/play. If a resident needs to get in or out of the road in their car then they can do so, driving at walking pace, accompanied by an adult. Other cars are stopped from driving through.

Are you interested in discussing how we might do this, possibly, in different streets on a regular basis, in the West Hill area?

Daniel Bernstein has approached West Hill Community Association and we are keen to support it. We even asked our local cartoonist, Nathan Ariss, to create an original cartoon on the theme of West Hill’s kids playing out.

Whistler-editorial-NOV21-2015There is an open meeting on Sunday 10 January at 11.30am in West Hill Hall for all those interested in making it happen. Do come along – children are welcome too. Let’s make 2016 an even better year to live in West Hill, and make our community even stronger.

In the meantime you can read more about ideas and tips for getting started here: http://playingout.net