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Xmas In The Dials – December 8

Come join Hi Cacti & our fellow 7 Dials independent businesses for some late night shopping, festivities & share some community cheer🎄

18+ of our local neighbouring shops, cafes, pubs, and businesses are all joining together to bring you festivities & late night shopping!

🎅🏽 Kitsch Santa’s grotto
🎅🏽 Treasure Hunt
🎅🏽 Christmas Carol Singing
🎅🏽 Local Pub Crawl for a free drink
🎅🏽 Christmas lights & window displays

🛍 More to be revealed & all are open till 8pm to bring you sales & discounts to help you Christmas shop locally & support your 7 Dials community businesses this Christmas.

During Very Merry 7 Dials your favourite independents will be open 5pm-9pm to bring you vinyls, vintage, houseplants, cakes, fashion, local art, mulled wine, Christmas trees, raffles, mince pies, wreaths, home goods, festive cocktails, local makers, late night shopping & sales, essential oil samples & workshops, coffee, gifts, charitable causes, & more!

What’s on at West Hill Hall

The hall is now open, with a full timetable.  Some classes close over holiday periods, please always check with your teachers directly. 

Please check with the class contact on the Sessions page for more information. 

If you have any enquiries for the Hall please email westhillhall@gmail.com.

We have limited availability for children’s parties (under 12s only) with restrictions in place, and for residents of Seven Dials only. 

The Hall is accessible and it has an accessible WC. There are some steps up to the kitchen area.

Beyond our regular all year round classes listed below, we are excited to continue our collaboration with Evolution Arts         Click the link for details. 
When What Weekly Monthly
Mondays Yoga-Fit with Danielle 10.30am  
  Kundalini Yoga with Euna 7.30pm  
Tuesdays Brydie Rowan Yoga and Movement – Body Medicine 10.00am starts Jan23
  Synergy Creative Community 12.00pm  
  Learn Ukuele with Zac 6.00pm  
  Learn Ukuele with Zac 7.30pm  
  WHCA Quiz 7:30pm last Tues
Wednesdays Exercise to Music 55s+ 10.15am  
  Jollof Cafe – pay as you feel charity run group 12:00- 3.00pm  
  Yoga with Stephanie 6.00pm  
  1595 Club Fencing 8.00pm  
Thursdays Dynamic Pilates with Weights – Helen Douglas 09.30am – paused  
  Katie Sommerville MS Pilates 11.00am  
  Discovering Art with Michael Gale  1:30pm  
  Pilates with Helen Douglas   5.45pm & 7.00pm  
  1595 Club Fencing 8.15pm  
Fridays Yoga with Sarah Williams  09:30am  
  Tai Chi with Simon Robins 11am & 12pm  
  Creative Writing with Anna Burtt
(see below)

14th Oct


  1595 Club Fencing 6:00pm  
  Brighton Shape Note Singing 7.45pm 2nd Fri
  Latin Dance with Carola Degener Perez 7.45pm not 2nd Fri
Saturdays gigs/regular workshops – see FB for info!    
Sundays ad hoc workshops/clubs    

West Hill Hall West Hill Hall

West Hill Hall

You ever fancied chancing your arm at being a writer? Well, as chance would have it… The West Hill Writers Group meet every Friday afternoon to focus their energies under the guidance of Anna Burtt.

Creative Writing Courses

Fridays 3.00pm – 5.00pm- get in touch for latest course details  

Anna’s Creative Writing courses have been running since 2018 and have brought together writers from Brighton and beyond to form a supportive and welcoming group of writers. Since joining Anna’s group, members have got agents, finished novels, won competitions and finished poetry and short story collections. If you’d like to start taking time for your writing, to learn a new skill, or to get closer to publication, this is the course for you. 

Each course has two free bursary places for underrepresented writers and a reduced price for writers on low-income. Places are limited, so send Anna and email to find out first about the next one.

Email writeatwesthill@gmail.com for more information


“I joined the West Hill Writers Group this January, via Zoom sessions”, said group member JE Seuk. “Already they’ve shared insights, motivation, discipline, and community beyond all expectations. I can’t wait for meetings to resume in-person at West Hill Hall at the end of June.”

There’s also a new bursary for underrepresented writers. There’s a group anthology to be published in coming months. Advice about agents and publishing, opportunities for personalised feedback, writing exercises, and more.

If you find yourself itching to join but anxious about fitting in, know that there is no one size fits all West Hill Writer. “The ages range from 20-something to 70-something,” said Seuk. “Some have decades of writing experience, while others write for fun after the kids are tucked off to bed. Some voices are literary, others commercial. We’re all different, but we all love writing”.

More info at:


The Brighton Whistler podcast

The Telesterion The Brighton Whistler

Sarah Janes takes us into her extraordinary Telesterion, a night of mystery and wonder Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.
  1. The Telesterion
  2. Mutations Festival
  3. The Bonsai Plant Kitchen
  4. Simon Price and Late Night Mini Cab FM
  5. Cocktails At The Eddy

Matt Whistler interviews eco clown Artist Dotty about his microscopic art 

What now, Dotty?

“The Tat Modern is currently suspended for a forthcoming makeover, and the robot on Seven Dials roundabout has gone walkabout, Artist Dotty has gone Diddy Dotty as his new art concept, is the world of Nano Art.”

Dotty has created lots of one millimetre art, to position around various locations in West Hill. Under the microscope they have loads of dots and are positioned on walls, under pub tables, a taxi rank, bus stops, trees, the train station and a wheelie bin. 

Dotty even convinced a West Hill resident to let him attach one of his one millimetre art pieces to the bottom of her shoe. She is happy to relocate and hang from a wall, if an international buyer is found.  The first person to discover and contact the West Hill Whistler with evidence of discovering a one millimetre piece of art, wins a 50 ft Artist Dotty digital art print of their choosing, as seen on Instagram.

Artist Dotty says, “I’m not paying for the frame though, what do you think I am, made of money?”

Originally Dotty considered replicating the Sistine Chapel on a single strand of hair. There were logistical issues, namely the lack of hair and attention to detail. The one millimetre art involved a science lab and a pin to lift a tiny amount of paint, which is then dropped onto finely laser cut wood, interspersed with shadow lines.  This is a very delicate process and Dotty joked that he not had a decent night’s kip since. 

Nano Art aka The DottyVerse was inspired by a David Attenborough documentary, exploring how some animals have become masters of disguise through colour and can deceive and trick and create illusion. Some animals use their colours to hide and disappear into the background. By entering a micro world, Dotty wants encourage the public to be mind expansive by using their colour receptors in a different way. 

Trying to find art with a nature perspective is an art project to remind us that nature is out there. The art has been created with strong colours and shadow effects to give the feel of looking through an ultra violet camera. You will only be able to enter The DottyVerse with good binoculars, so be prepared. 

Artist Dotty gives us his art trail affirmation. “Think big! Enter the world of the small. Don’t get a crick or a cricket in your neck and don’t accidently end up in the rocky hills of Northern India.”