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Poetic Wine Descriptions…

…do they mean anything? In the August/September 2012 edition of The Whistler I gave suggestions about how to describe a wine. Since then I’ve been looking at the issue from the other direction: reading wine writers’ comments to see how many words they use that really mean something […]

It’s all Chardonnay

One of my favourite wine stories is that of the woman who exclaimed to her friends “I don’t understand why the young all want to drink Chardonnay! Give me a nice dry Chablis any time!” Her friends were too polite to tell her that the grape in Chablis […]

Blenio wine list

Blenio – the Wine List

Most people who live near Seven Dials will have noticed, or eaten at, Blenio, the restaurant just south of the Dials with exposed brickwork, paintings by local artists, candles everywhere, and white tiled tables in three partly separate ‘rooms’ on a level well above that of the street. […]

Philippe Gimel Front Label

Reading a Bottle of Wine

The French attitude to labelling wine strikes me as absurdly blinkered. Faced with continued domestic over-supply, dynamic New World competition and a government determined to control what they see as an unhealthy beverage, one might have thought the industry would have got the bit they can control (it’s […]

High Summer Drinking

Want some inspiration as to what you might be sipping in your deck chair this summer? Let’s start with a cheeky cocktail…I know it’s little “off piste” for a wine column but it’ll get you in the mood for some delicious wines later in the day. When the […]