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Where do I begin?


Philip Reddaway, The Whistler’s wine columnist who lives in Provence, could not send us his contribution for this edition because he was surrounded by ten inches of snow, and had no power, telephone or heating. He walked seven miles to buy food for his family and to borrow […]

Red wine maturing in oak barrels

Old World Wines

Philip Reddaway, The Whistler’s wine columnist, is musing on old vs new world wines… In the past few years, French wine sales have taken a battering in the UK. Australia has now been joined by California as the most popular supplier of wine to the Brits. The attraction […]

Sublime Sherry

Philip Reddaway, The Whistler’s wine columnist… How do you picture the typical sherry drinker? Is it your mum-in-law sipping a small glass of Harvey’s Bristol Cream at Christmas – a bottle bought five years ago that hangs around at the back of the cupboard, oxidising nicely, awaiting its […]