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Spotted Round The Dials

St George Cross Chair
Cross of St George hidden from view

We’re starting an occasional series, and we welcome your contributions to it. Send us images of things (objects, sights, people) that catch your eye round the Seven Dials, West Hill, or anywhere you live.

During the World Cup, there were many manifestations of the Cross of St George, the most striking one of which I spotted sitting proudly in the window of Posture People on Dyke Road. “I must go and get my camera,” I thought, “that really makes me chuckle.” No sooner had I got my camera next time I passed than England had been dumped, and this George Cross chair shoved, out of sight.

Flower display
Where are these flowers?

A simple, but elegant display, do you know who’s got these flowers in their window but does not sell flowers?

Pansies in a pot in a mug

And sticking with the floral theme, where can you spot these pansies in a pot in a mug?

Send your images and/or answers to whwhistler@aol.com