The Whistler Masthead

The Whistler printed magazine has been published for over 40 years by the West Hill Community Association. It was our 40th birthday in 2016. The online version has been around since August 2009.

The Whistler’s aim is to keep residents of the West Hill and Seven Dials area of Brighton in touch with each other and to present an eclectic mix of news and comment.

We do our best to present a fair and balanced view, while aiming to accept material from anyone, anywhere who reads it.

We publish 6 times a year: Feb/March, April/May, June/July, Aug/Sept, Oct/Nov, Dec/Jan

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Your Contributions

Your contributions are always welcome. We will publish your comments, stories, news, or poems whether good, bad, funny or sad. We want to know your views about The Whistler, life in Brighton & Hove, and life in general. Please write to thewhistler1976@gmail.com

Jed Novick

Regular contributors
David Foot – Money Matters
Andrew Polmear – A Love of Wine
Peter Batten – Features
Jim Gowans – Planning
Gilly Smith – Food


The header illustration is ‘West Hill Street’ by Clare Harms

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Is thus publication related to “The Brighton Whistler” which, I recall, was published in the mid-Seventies by Richard Dean and his sister? Richard later became a successful technical journalist and magazine editor.

  2. Hi
    My godson’s birthday is on the 28th December. His wish is to have a bouncy castle! 15 guests and only 4 children! I know, this is an ambitious ask but I wondered whether it would be at all possible to host at your lovely venue?

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