Supermarket Sweep

Do you need a guide to help you through the aisles and shelves? Never fear, Andrew Polmear’s here So there you are. You’ve gone to the supermarket to buy some wine and   before3 nyou know where you are, you’re staring at hundreds of wines on the shelves, […]

Memories can’t wait

Harry Hillery talks about his Brighton AIDS Memorialproject and the need to keep the light shining In Brighton on World AIDS Day, many of us huddle together at the vigil in New Steine Gardens to “hear the voices of dead friends.”  Two hundred souls claimed by the virus […]

The Jollof Cafe

THE JOLLOF CAFÉ is a project of the Sussex Refugee and Migrant Self Group working to support people “trapped on the wrong side of the UK’s immigration system”. They “work together to resolve immigration policies and navigate the hostile environment”. Collaborating closely with migrant housing charity Thousand 4 […]

Every fancied being a writer?

You ever fancied chancing your arm at being a writer? Well, as chance would have it… The West Hill Writers Group meet every Friday afternoon to focus their energies under the guidance of Anna Burtt. “I joined the West Hill Writers Group this January, via Zoom sessions”, said […]

Exotic creatures

Dominic Smith talks to Caraline Brown about her novel and “the best feeling in the world” I took myself to Ibiza for a month with a copy of “How To Write A Novel In 30 Days”. I thought I could just go there, set up my desk, look […]

Creature Creature

And the music scene in Brighton? It’s a blessing and a curse.Daniel Scully tells Mick Robinson why Fast guitar hooks, complex keys, intelligent songwriting… What more do you want?  Creature Creature have just released their debut album, ‘Two Finger Tantrum’ – described by Rock Lifestyle as ‘the best […]

Tales From Our City

“It might sound glib, but I wrote itbecause I think Brighton is so special.”Daren Kay tells Katrin Johannessen why ‘The Brightonians’ is the debut novel of former advertising copywriter, Daren Kay. It tells the story of a social group in Brighton uncovering a mystery of the past, sparked […]

Books, music… baby clothes?

Everyone loves libraries. Why not extend the idea? Lucas Castellano finds out Every parent knows the story. No sooner have you stocked up on your baby or toddler’s new wardrobe than little Johnny has already outgrown the lot.  You’re looking at your bank account and scratching your head […]

A Biba-esque emporium

An Aladdin’s Cave where Frida Kahlo sits next to beautiful vintage kimonos while Tintin and Buddha look on. Jed Novick goes in search of the Objet D’ials I want people to feel that they’ve disconnected with the outside world and engaged with the shop when they’ve walked through […]

Ready to snap into a new life

“It’s not what you get with Deliveroo”, Red Snapper’s Pam and Philippe tell Gilly Smith Panwad (Pam) ManeeTapho and her Belgian husband Philippe Ghenet are sitting at a table as the early autumn sunlight pours into the Red Snapper, until lockdown one of the most popular restaurants in […]

A Night At The Dome

JUST BECAUSE YOU can’t go out doesn’t mean you can’t go out. Brighton Dome is putting on a series of livestreamed events with authors, actors and podcasters. The livestream events will take place from August to November 2020, with tickets on sale from Brighton Dome’s website. Best-selling American […]

The Westie Pub Hub

It’s The West Hill Tavern, but not as you know it. This family run independent has had a little freshen up and is now a “Cafe-Bar-Art space” open from 10.30am on weekdays offering a space to work, drink, meet and eat. A home-from-home on the hill, featuring work […]

The Reggae Scribe of West Hill

Tucked away in a terraced house perched on the slopes of the West Hill neighbourhood is housed one of Brighton’s – and possibly the UK’s, most impressive collections of reggae music. From top to bottom its walls bulge and strain with vinyl from every era – from ska […]