Brighton Fringe: John Callaghan

John Callaghan is an eccentric electronic musician currently based in London. For decades he has been releasing music that has been captivating his audience and pushing the boundaries of what we consider music. He has been performing at Brighton Fringe for about 10 years and has continued to […]

Brighton Fringe: Happenings

Brighton Fringe is back and better than ever. Despite the turbulence of the pandemic, it’s impact on the arts and the uncertainty surrounding the future of the sector, Brighton’s famous arts festival is back in full swing with over 700 events taking place in the city across May […]

Brighton Fringe: Fox Fisher

Fox Fisher (they/he) has been an outspoken trans activist for the last few years, with an extensive list of achievements to their name ranging from creating a Trans Acting course; exploring the meaning of the term non-binary and the encompassing issues on TV with Piers Morgan; found My […]

Brighton Fringe: Sex-Ed Revisited

‘Heard of the pay gap? Well, this show is about the pleasure gap!’ From the Nexflix series ‘Principles of Pleasure’, to Family Sex-Education Show being cancelled the conversation of what we should or shouldn’t be thought in Sex-Education has never been more talked about. Why isn’t pleasure in […]

Brighton Fringe: Launch

FRINGE CITY ON NEW ROAD SATURDAY 7 , 14, 21, 28 MAY, FRIDAY 3 & SATURDAY 4 JUNE 1PM-8PM Get curious about England’s largest arts festival, and explore our free, outdoor event on New Road. Expect an extravaganza of theatre, comedy, cabaret, circus, music, and dance on our […]

Brighton Fringe: In PurSUEt

In PurSUEt is an award-winning one-woman show that tells the true story of a woman with a drinking problem who favours the stalking of Sue Perkins over dealing with her demons. Following its sell-out run at the Edinburgh Fringe, the “queer cult sensation” In PurSUEt tells the story of a […]


Have you ever noticed how people walk in winter? They’re huddled, it’s like they’re wrapped around themselves. Coats wrapped round, hats held on tight. Bent over forward, making themselves smaller. Less to get cold and wet, maybe. And no one’s out. The streets look deserted. Maybe everyone’s inside […]

Brighton Fringe: Rosy Carrick

It’s about me getting to grips with my childhood erotic obsession with watching hyper-muscular men being tortured by their male antagonists in 1980s action films. So it’s about ‘musclebound men’, and (my favourite porn category) ‘bound muscle’.” Already I know no one is reading this because anyone who […]

Gull About Town: April

As Brighton throws opens its café doors and puts its tables on the streets, we scavengers couldn’t be happier for spring to hit the city streets. Swooping and pecking at the pickings on the pavement, there’s more than enough to go around after a hard winter following an […]

Dymphna Flynn’s Book Review

My Policeman by Bethan Roberts Diallers might remember the disruption last May when Harry Styles (gratuitous pic, below)  came to town and lorries and crews took over the area for filming of the adaptation of My Policeman by Bethan Roberts, which was first published in 2012 and was a […]

Time to Fight Back

Seven Cellars and Latina are part of the fabric of our world. They’re part of what makes the Dials the Dials. Now they’re under threat by the Co-op – maybe that’s what their motto “It’s what we do” really means. Louise Oliver of Seven Cellars explains what it […]

Supermarket Sweep

Do you need a guide to help you through the aisles and shelves? Never fear, Andrew Polmear’s here So there you are. You’ve gone to the supermarket to buy some wine and   before3 nyou know where you are, you’re staring at hundreds of wines on the shelves, […]