Making a Difference

Do you live in Brighton & Hove or the surrounding areas? Could you help make a difference to a young person’s life in your own home? Could you support a young person who is at risk of becoming homeless?

Barnardo’s, in partnership with Brighton & Hove City Council, has started a new scheme called Supported Lodgings, to help young people make a smooth transition to live independently. 

Supported Lodgings is a service where a host offers accommodation to a young person in their own home, and provides them with emotional support with a view to increasing their confidence and readiness to move on to other accommodation. The service is looking for individuals or families across Brighton & Hove to provide lodgings and support in their own home to vulnerable young people aged 16 to 21.

This is a new service in the city where we aim to support up to twenty young people every year who may be homeless, in or leaving the care system.  Every young person will have the support of a key worker to assist them to achieve their full potential and move forward.

Young people will need help with basic practical skills to live independently such as budgeting, cooking and shopping.  They may also need help in gaining personal or social skills, training or employment and we know a host can make a huge difference to the lives of vulnerable young people with whom we work. This is an opportunity for the young person on the scheme to experience the support of an interested adult who can be a positive role model which otherwise they might not have had in their life.

Hosts will benefit from 24/7 assistance and a dedicated key worker to ensure the correct support is available. Our staff will need to carry out a thorough assessment, DBS and reference checks on all applicants, and successful applicants will go on our comprehensive training programme, as well as receiving an allowance of £150 per week for providing lodgings and support for a young person. Anyone who is interested in becoming a lodgings provider should telephone the service on 0800 043 2120 and speak to Olly Davidson or email

Young people referred to the scheme are at a disadvantage and face further disadvantages in adult life without proper preparation and support in adjusting to life on their own.  Whereas most young people can rely on the support of their family until well into their twenties, this is not usually an option for young people who leave care or those who are supported by Supported Lodgings – can you help?


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