Photo Competition

Brighton & Hove’s House Sparrows Project is challenging people across Brighton and Hove to use photography to capture images of the house sparrows visiting our city.

The competition is free to enter and the closing date for entries is 31st October, so there’s plenty of time to get spotting and photographing sparrows.

Prizes will be awarded in a range of categories and the winning photographs will be exhibited at the Booth Museum.

It’s simple to take part – snap a photo of house sparrows and submit it with an entry form to



Competition Categories

Adult (18 or over)

Splendid sparrows

Sparrows and the city

Sparrow families

Ages 11-17

Sparrows and the city

Sparrow lunch time

Age 10 and under

Sparrow lunch time

Sparrows near my home


KS1 and KS2: Sparrows at our school

KS3 and KS4: Sparrows at our school

6th form: Urban sparrows

More info at and

click on “Photographic Competition”


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