The Whistler – October 2020

Idly flicking through the TV the other day, I chanced upon “Dad’s Army”. Haven’t seen it for ages, but still it’s so familiar. The  bumbling incompetence, the mind-numbing arrogance, the hubris. The idea they  know what they’re doing, but behind their eyes we can see that even they know they’re absolutely clueless. But then on closer look, I realised they were wearing suits, not fatigues and I was actually watching a Government briefing about the new Covid guidelines.  

Oh well. Strange times. As The Whistler goes to press, we don’t know whether there’ll be a second wave or a second lockdown, whether six people is a group or five is a bubble. As ever, the people who do best are the ones with the  positive attitude, like Mark and Hatt at The Eddy, like Pam and Philippe at The Red Snapper.  That’s what we’re buying into here. The positive. And as long as it’s linen suit and straw hat weather…. it’s all  good. 

Finally, a quick and very large “Thank You” to Joanna Bettles for her time as designer of The Whistler. For Jo, as for the rest of us, new challenges await.

And don’t forget – if you’ve got something to say, drop us a line. Join in. Life’s better that way. XX 

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