We gonna rock down to Electric Arcade…

You’re looking for a night out. You’ve seen Bond and you don’t fancy Dune. What to do? Funny you should ask…

There’s a suitably eclectic line-up at beachfront venue Electric Arcade where, odds on, you’ll find something to suit your soul.

Nathan Cassidy’s Bumblebee. After selling out at the Edinburgh Fringe, multi-award-winning comedian Nathan Cassidy brings his true-crime stand-up show Bumblebee to town. The set-up… After seeing a burglar fleeing from his house, Cassidy gives chase, setting up a bold narrative tale packed with twists, turns, and dark humour.

Swapping LA beaches for Brighton Pier, Simon David dons on his swimsuit for another instalment of his kaleidoscopic cabaret, Gaywatch.

Looking for a dark and glamorous new take on the variety format, then turn to Laurie Black’s Bad Luck Cabaret, featuring gritty electronic music and alternative performers, on Sunday 28th November.

Mama G’s Story Time Party will give families a welcome chance to let their hair down. The Christmas-themed party on Sunday 28th November will kick off with a seasonal story reading, before dimming the lights for a festive family disco.

For more info, http://www.electric-arcade.co.uk

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